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Event: April 20
The Art of the Artist Statement Workshop

Artist statements are hard to write, but they’re an important tool for artists working in any discipline. In this hour-long workshop, artist and poet Kamari Bright will help you learn the basics of writing a strong artist statement and give you the tools to begin writing your own! By the end of the workshop, you’ll have better understanding of how to write about your work and walk away with a working draft of a statement to use for your next application or your website/portfolio.

Event: Opens April 5
Building Your Media Confidence / 2-Part Workshop

“The media” is more than high-end newspapers and journals, but includes local blogs, independent presses, and more. Talking to the media about your artistic practice can be difficult, but it can help build overall awareness about your work. In this two-part workshop, led by multi-disciplinary artist and journalist Beverly Aarons, we will use discussions, writing exercises, and real-world examples to help you gain an understanding of how to present your work to the media and distill your personal story. Topics include how to connect with different outlets, tactics for building your audience, and writing press releases.