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Grantee: Art Salvage

Project Title: Growing Creative Reuse
Year awarded: 2022, Round 3

Art Salvage has grown the first and only creative reuse nonprofit in Spokane from an
idea in 2014 to a thriving organization today. Through a huge amount of donated time
and energy, the organization was established entirely by volunteers for the first five
years. During the four years in the brick and mortar location the organization has seen a
steady increased demand for the services and programs the nonprofit offers. Art Salvage
is now at a place where their programs are inhibited due to the lack of donation intake
and storage space as well as retail floor and display space.

Art Salvage is working towards taking steps to grow the organization in order to meet
community demand for more creative reuse services, with the goal of expanding to a
larger brick and mortar store location. This includes updating technology, shelving, and
displays, as well as enhancing the professional procedures and internal processes of the
organization. Art Salvage will be poised to expand into a larger location and amplify the
services and programs that creative reuse offers to the circular economy. Support from
SAGA funding will help Art Salvage meet these goals.