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Ryan Sanders

My name is Ryan Sanders. I am the owner and artist at Alcove. Through out my life I’ve worked in several different fields. From emergency medical services to video games. Recently life has brought me to a point where I am doing something that I’ve always longed to do. I’ve started a business where I get to sculpt, fabricate, mold, cast, and paint all sorts of wonderful, weird, bizarre creations. Because each piece is handmade, no two will ever be the same.

Alexander Antonio Manzoni

Alexander A. Manzoni has been writing poetry & prose for over twenty years. In September 2014, he moved to Spokane, Washington, from Newfield, New Jersey. He can be found featuring at arts events in the Spokane-C.D.A. area. Publishing credits include:,, FIVE Poetry Magazine, In-Parentheses, and Spokane Writes: A Poetry & Prose Anthology. He is the host of the “Manzoni in the Morning” spoken word podcast and is the election correspondent for Headline Poetry:

Event: Opens November 1
Mary Farrell & Reinaldo Gil Zambrano at Saranac Art Projects

Preservación: Featuring work by Mary Farrell & Reinaldo Gil Zambrano
In this exhibition, the ceremony of printmaking as a planar technique is presented with different approaches, from the painterly monotype, to the collaborative and colorful multi-block print, to the texturized and graphic woodcut that seems to levitate in the air.

Mary Farrell brings her unique and highly technical, intricate and figurative prints on a series called “Guardians of Insanity,” while Reinaldo Gil Zambrano experiments with a playful approach to relief printing in an attempt to replicate nature.

On view November 1st-30th, 2019

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a multidisciplinary visual artist residing in Spokane. His main passion lies in painting, but can never do one thing for too long without experimenting and moving into a new direction. Be it subject matter, medium, scale, style, or any combination of these elements, he aims to experience the thrill of the new. He believes the real fruit of creating art is in the basis of invention (combining old elements in new ways to make something unique). He is currently creating large-scale indoor installation works and murals throughout the NW.