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Jordan Heidal

I am a self-taught visual artist in Spokane WA. My work is primarily abstract based with influences from the PNW and my life journey. I typically work to portray my journey in a visual way that has never been seen before, making each piece it’s own personal experience for both myself and my audience. I use acrylic paint/ink mediums the most, but am often using a mixed media of paint, pastels, spray paint, and pens. I’m excited to be returning to Spokane and to share my work with a new community. You will often find me creating art on-the-go and collaborating with artists of different practices to discover new ways of expression.

Larry Ellingson

My visual work is a kind of additive sculpture, combining assemblage, painting, photography and fabricating. Some pieces have lights and sound. I’m also a sound artist, composing, performing and producing music utilizing electronics, saxophone and found sound.

It’s fun to make stuff that’s interesting to look at. Finding new ways of seeing the commonplace seems like a good idea to me. Many of us daydream and wander through our imaginations. I bring back souvenirs.

Kathryn Alexander, MA

Kathryn Alexander was born in Michigan in 1942 and has been an active resident of Spokane since 2014 serving as chair of her neighborhood council and representative to the Community Assembly. A photographer for over 40 years she began showing her work in 2018.
Alexander has a strong background in the textile arts, owning one of the first weaving and spinning stores in the country; she attended the California College of the Arts in 1972-1973 and studied under Trudy Guremonprez. Her interest in texture and color can still be seen in her photography.