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Spokane Arts recognizes that art and creativity are flourishing across our city and region. To showcase the incredible work of artists, performers and venues, we organize 2-3 citywide art tours each year, including the Fall Arts Tour (October) and Winter Arts Tour (February). By promoting a wide range of cultural events in a single place for community members to browse, the citywide art tours showcase artists, neighborhoods and groups who are based outside of the downtown core, in addition to those within it. The citywide art tours are a supplement to First Fridays.

Spokane’s wildly popular First Friday series is organized by the Downtown Spokane Partnership. On the First Friday of every month, art galleries, wineries, coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants and more throw open their doors to showcase local artists and performers. Most First Friday receptions take place from 5-8 p.m., but others have special hours, such as the Chase Gallery (4-7 p.m.) and Yes Studio (7-10 p.m.) Check out Downtown Spokane’s interactive map and listings to preview upcoming First Friday events!


Winter Arts Tour features a wide array of artists and creatives displaying their work or performing at venues around the city. Find more events and information through our Events Portal! Submit your event information to be listed here!

Print a map designed for the event by Makayla Gonzalez with Kella and explore fun events all weekend! Find even more great events happening in Spokane this weekend through our Events Portal


Fall Arts Tour

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Creativity in Spokane doesn’t just happen downtown — explore the galleries, events and performances that are happening as part of Fall Arts Tour all through the city — from the downtown core to the heart of neighborhoods. Fall Arts Tour is October 4-6 this year, and will feature a wide array of artists and creatives displaying their work or performing at venues around the city. Find more events and information through our Events Portal!


SATURATE is a city-wide collaboration celebrating Spokane’s diverse artists of color. For the entire month of April, many arts venues large and small will simultaneously feature artwork, curatorial projects, and performances led by people of color. Your participation, and every artist and venue joining in, will help deepen the conversation on race, identity, and culture in our city and beyond.  Join in the conversation and enjoy the diversity of work at every venue.

SATURATE began three years ago in conjunction with Winter Arts Tour and continues to grow to include an Artist Roster and year-round programming. Throughout 2018, Spokane Arts hosted monthly meetups for artists of color to network, share resources, and exchange ideas, led by local artist Remelisa Cullitan. In addition to the exhibits, performances, and artist talks scheduled during April, Spokane Arts is planning additional events to create conversations around equity and provide support to emerging artists of color, including professional development workshops, artist talks, and more. Email us to become a part of shaping how SATURATE continues to grow to support artists of color in the Spokane community!