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Opportunity: Blu Sky Artist Award | $500 Artist Grant

Aritistic Discipline: Visual

About the BSAA:

The Blu-Sky Artist Award (BSAA), an online international semi-annual grant for artists, is your launchpad to recognition, growth, and success. We understand the journey of an artist, the dedication, and the drive required to make your mark. That’s why we offer an unrestricted artist grant. We believe that with this award, artists can truly focus on their craft, refine their techniques, and navigate the art industry with confidence. Our goal is to showcase your creativity to a global audience, helping you forge your path as a professional artist.

Why Apply?
What sets the BSAA apart is its commitment to nurturing artists’ growth beyond financial assistance. As a recipient of the award, you’re not just receiving funds; you’re gaining a strategic partnership with Ten Moir Gallery. Our commitment extends to providing you with the tools you need to flourish. The award package includes:

-$500 Grant: Fuel your creative endeavors and invest in your artistic journey.

-Published Interview: Your story deserves to be told. We’ll feature an in-depth interview with you, giving art enthusiasts a glimpse into your inspiration, process, and aspirations.

-Dedicated Artist Profile: Amplify your presence in the art world. A dedicated profile on our platform will showcase your portfolio and connect you with a wider audience.

Submission Guidelines:
-Eligibility: Artists of all backgrounds and mediums from around the world are invited to apply.
-Entry fee: Lower entry fees offered from the opening of the competition until November 1st, 2023
Early Bird Discount: $25 USD for 10 works
Regular Fee: $35 USD for 10 works

-Submission Deadline: The window of opportunity closes on January 31, 2024.

Eligibility: Artists of all backgrounds and mediums from around the world are invited to apply.
Point of Contact: Ten Moir Gallery
Expires: December 31, 2023