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Opportunity: Asphalt Art Artist Roster Application Open

Aritistic Discipline: Visual

Spokane Arts and the City of Spokane are seeking artists to design, project manage and install large-scale asphalt art in city neighborhoods. Designs and locations will be developed in partnership with Spokane neighborhood councils and community members, and reviewed by the Spokane Arts Commission. Each piece of asphalt art will be in a location mutually agreed upon by the neighborhood, the City of Spokane, and Spokane Arts. Artwork will be painted directly on the street surface in a residential intersection (no arterials.)

Artists applying to this call are requesting to be added to the Asphalt Art qualified Artist Roster, which will be provided to neighborhoods so that they have agency in selecting which artist to work with. Being selected for the Asphalt Art Artist Roster does not guarantee that you will receive a paid commission; it simply ensures that neighborhoods are able to see a list of multiple qualified artists & their work to choose from. Spokane Arts is committed to ensuring that a wide range of artists are able to participate in the program during the three-year pilot, and no artist will be allowed to install more than 3 intersection murals over the course of the 3-year pilot.

Once artists are on the roster, if chosen by a neighborhood, each artist will work with the neighborhood to create a final design. Once a design is finalized (approved by both the neighborhood council and the arts commission,) the artist will work with assistants to install the asphalt art, in coordination with Spokane Arts staff. All traffic control, permitting, permissions, notifications, etc. will be handled by Spokane Arts staff, but the lead artist will be responsible for the installation/painting (just as you would for a wall mural.)

This is a fast paced installation that must take no more than 1-2 days from start to finish, using specific paints (no spray paint is allowed) and applicants are advised to keep in mind that it will be physically demanding.


Applying to the artist roster does not guarantee that you will be selected to work on a project.

Eligibility: The Asphalt Art program consists of projects that involve significant interaction with the community, willingness to be flexible with design in order to incorporate community input, and require previous experience with mural or asphalt painting. To be added to the Asphalt Art Artist Roster, the artist must: Be 18 years old or older Have been the lead artist on at least one mural project or assisted on at least 3 mural projects in the past. Be willing to work with a neighborhood council to create a final design that is approved by said council and Spokane Arts. Be able to install the design during specified time frames determined by project stakeholders (including the artist) and traffic control. Participate in all project preparation and clean up activities. Submit a signed contract and w-9 form prior to starting the project.
Expires: July 31, 2023