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Grantee: The Spokane VR Film Collective

Project Title: Tempus Project
Year awarded: 2017, Round 3

The Spokane: The VR Film Collective are all time-based artists, coming together to blaze a pathway for VR Film production in the Spokane region.

  • Anna Czoski is an entrepreneur and visual artist working in the virtual reality medium who founded the Real-Time Collective, which seeks to build up interactive art and game development in Spokane.

  • Juan A Mas is a local director of ZNation, and a fierce community builder in the Spokane film community.

  • Vincas Greene, is a choreographer and dancer who founded Spokane’s only professional modern dance company, among other contributions to the community.

  • Jason McKee creates stunning visual effects for ZNation among a slew of IMDB credits as a local business owner of MODEfx.

  • Tobias Hendrickson is a modular Synthesist and composes original music for Terrain’s Uncharted, commercial spots, and is currently working on a documentary, among many other projects.

The Spokane VR Collective will create a project that looks at the concept of “time” through VR narrative. The piece explores the physical and scientific explanations of time as well as the personal and emotional implications. With cutting edge technology and a room full of creatives, this project will have a ripple effect to surrounding artists and communities.


SAGA funds will help the collective secure a 360 production-grade camera for demo and rehearsal. Since an artistic process is in a new medium that revolves around iteration, the choreographer and dancers will be handicapped without this tool. They will also use their grant funds to solicit more sponsorship. –“We will have difficulty showing the project to a wide audience in Spokane without funds. It comes down to how many headsets we have and how much time we have.”