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Grantee: Spokane International Film Festival

Project Title: SpIFF
Year awarded: 2017, Round 2

The Spokane International Film Festival (SpIFF) aims to deepen audience engagement with films, and to strengthen their interaction with the filmmakers and local experts who introduce and lead discussions following screenings. 2018 will mark SpIFF’s 20th anniversary. The much-anticipated festival will run from Friday February 2nd through Friday February 9th and will consist of roughly 24 screenings at multiple venues including: The Magic Lantern and Bing Crosby Theater in Downtown Spokane. Incoming Director, Case Ogden wrote in his grant application, “SpIFF works diligently to ensure that all of our screenings illustrate the beauty and truth of human existence around the world, seen through the lens of Spokane filmmakers.”


Renting these theaters is a large expense, but the festival simply could not be possible without a place to show the films.  Chase Ogden says, “The support we seek from SAGA will help us cover venue, marketing, and projector rentals, and Posterize!” Kicking off opening night of 2018 will be Posterize! and a VIP reception of artists and SpIFF supporters. Local artists design posters for SpIFF screenings. SpIFF will print 27×40 posters on foam core and exhibit them as part of their opening reception. Artists have embraced this annual ritual, much to the delight of filmmakers, some of whom have adopted the posters for their publicity.

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