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Grantee: Ras Omy K

Project Title: Ras Omy K Album
Year awarded: 2017, Round 3

Omy Karorero, musically known as Ras Omy K, is from Rwanda, Africa. He is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Within the first few days, he lost his family and subsequently ended up living homeless on the streets of Kigali for seven years thereafter. It was during his time on the streets of Kigali, where he was introduced to reggae music. The lyrics and messages gave Omy hope and purpose. He began writing and performing songs as a way to heal himself from the trauma that he had experienced. The creation of songs gave him purpose to tell his story and use music as an outlet for the pain and suffering that he experienced and saw around him.

Omy’s music is fueled with topics that he feels the world needs to hear. Especially having recently come to the US from Africa, Omy has a unique perspective of the differences as well as the unity that exists among humanity. Omy’s purpose as a musician is to integrate his cross-cultural life experience to educate those who listen as well as bring love and healing to the world.


Over the last several months, Omy has been working as much as time allows on this album with his musical producer Juan Parris. Omy has written lyrics, while Juan has laid beats for the songs. They have approximately 9 songs started and ready to be recorded. This includes recording vocals and adding live instrumentals, and then mixing and finalizing the songs. The SAGA award will be used for the studio time and space needed to create the new work, as well as the post production of the album, and limited performances.