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Grantee: Posie Kalin

Project Title: The Living Laboratory of Art & Ecology
Year awarded: 2021, Round 3

Posie Kalin’s personal work explores a broad spectrum of media including film, music, photography, choreography, installation, painting, and sculpture. With this project, Kalin is bringing that arts expertise to the classroom along with over a decade of professional experience in art education.

Kalin is receiving support from SAGA to develop and offer The Living Laboratory of Arts & Ecology, a program for youth at Spokane’s Pratt Academy. Pratt Academy was introduced by Spokane Public Schools in the 2019-20 school year as a new choice high school for students, who would benefit from a small, personalized learning environment. With 125 of Pratt’s students, Kalin will use both digital and traditional arts as the vehicles for learning and expressing concepts in biodiversity. Integrating the arts with other disciplines has been shown to help students with their learning. In addition to in-class work, this project will provide opportunities for the larger community to engage the student artists and their artwork with at least one exhibition planned for Spring 2022 at the Shadle Library.