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Grantee: Laboratory

Project Title: Support for Laboratory's Summer Dance Program
Year awarded: 2017, Round 2

Laboratory provides space and support for interactive, digital, and performance art in Spokane. Interactive art goes beyond either ‘something on a wall’ or ‘something on a stage’. It is an artist residency program for interactive artists from all over the world. It is art that creates experiences, where the viewer/user is an integral part in their own experience, where they can touch, manipulate, and interact with the stuff they’re seeing. Laboratory is focusing our summer residency program on the intersection of interactive art and dance, and will be collaborating with the Vytal Movement Dance Studio, the Gonzaga Theater and Dance department, and a diverse range of dance groups who work and perform in the Spokane area.


The Laboratory Summer Dance Program’s SAGA funding supported their operations during the Summer 2017 residency session. Director, Alan Chatham says, “This funding will help us directly support an international group of six artists, paying for studio space, materials, housing, equipment, and a small living stipend. They will in turn be working full-time, collaborating with a wide swath of the Spokane dance community, developing and showing internationally relevant work, and connecting Spokane artists with a global community of dancers and interactive artists.”