Tickets available now for the 2020 Spokane Arts Awards! We’ll be live-streaming on Saturday, September 26 at 8 p.m. from Lucky You Lounge with dance, music, and other performances as we celebrate the local arts community. Details & ticket link here!

Grantee: KYRS Thin Air Community Radio

Project Title: KYRS Thin Air Community Radio Operational Support
Year awarded: 2020, Round 2

KYRS was granted general operational funding from SAGA to continue to promote and support the local arts and local artists. KYRS has been impacted by the pandemic as the timing has affected their Spring Fundraising Drive and Membership recruiting.
SAGA’s support of KYRS will continue the availability and accessibility of a wide spectrum of artists on the air from programs like “Art Hour” that highlight local artist and their background, to “Personally Speaking” that brings stories of Spokane to the audience through interviews with local celebrities and talent. Two other long-running programs specifically dedicated to the Arts (painting, sculpture, and visual arts) in Spokane for many years are “Readymade Radio” and “Art Hour.”

SAGA support will strengthen KYRS’s ability to promote the local arts scene and continue their mission of providing a voice for unserved and underserved in our community.