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Grantee: Kemuel DeMoville

Project Title: Fire Melt Stone
Year awarded: 2019, Round 1

SAGA is supporting local playwright Kemuel DeMoville in the creation of an original work, “Fire Melt Stone,” along with the creation of a complimentary education packet for area schools (focused on grades 3-6). The Theater for Youth (TYA) play dramatizes Spokane’s Great Fire of 1889 for Spokane area students and the general public. The Spartan Theatre at SFCC will feature the TYA play as part of their 52nd (2019- 2020) season.

Preproduction work will begin in the summer of 2019, with performances beginning in March of 2020. Engagements will consist of both daytime school field trip performances, as well as evening and weekend public performances. Two free playwriting workshops will also be offered as part of this project. The workshops will be free to attend.