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Grantee: Kelley Hudson

Project Title: Hand Drawn Spokane Coloring Book
Year awarded: 2022, Round 1

Kelley Hudson is an artist and photographer currently based in Spokane. Her detailed drawing of the Monroe Street Bridge garnered encouragement from community members, who suggested she create a Spokane themed coloring book. The idea gained even more support after Hudson posted the drawing in a local Facebook group.

With SAGA support, Hudson will publish the coloring book, including 30 pages of hand drawn images of locations in Spokane. Hudson’s book is meant to provide locals and visitors with a way to artistically connect to Spokane and its history. The book will be formatted with the line illustration on one page and a description of the location and its importance to local history on the other. In addition to her drawing of the Monroe Street Bridge, other featured locations will include Manito Park, Railroad Alley, the Clock Tower, Washington Water Power/Avista, and the Maxwell House, among many others. Once printed, the Spokane Coloring Book will be distributed to local bookstores and gift shops.

“As locals and natives to the area we might see these locations over and over, for years at a time; but we will all see these places differently and through different memories,” writes Hudson. “What is so unique about Spokane is this deep desire to connect creatively, both with each other and the landscape.”