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Grantee: Jenny Hyde

Project Title: The Streets of Spokane
Year awarded: 2018, Round 2

Artist Jenny Hyde wants to use the streets of Spokane as a source of inspiration for a metaphorical look at the cultural demographics that make up this city. The artist states: “One thing that I have noticed in particular about Spokane is the texture of the streets. Many of them are scarred – a series of botched repairs over the years of freezing and thawing… I have always looked to the landscape as a metaphor for the stories and lives that come from a place.” With help from SAGA, Hyde will be working with a mechanical engineer to develop a seismographic “road reader,” which will record the changing textures of various driving paths through the city. The resulting seismographic maps will then be translated into scores and videos, characterizing the physical and human journeys found in Spokane’s various neighborhoods.