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Grantee: Hilary Hart & Rick Singer

Project Title: See Me Spokane
Year awarded: 2017, Round 2

Hilary Hart is a gifted Spokane digital graphic artist who has cultivated a group called “Spokane Women Together” which includes about 40 women, nearly half of whom are Muslim. In partnership with Rick Singer, one of Spokane’s most respected portrait photographers, the “See Me Spokane,” project is an outgrowth of this group and the stories of these diverse women. In this project, we hope to normalize the presence and contributions of Spokane’s Muslim women through a series of portraits and text projected onto downtown buildings and displayed as prints in the Downtown Public Library. Muslim women who choose to wear hijab are unusual in Spokane, and along with current issues around stereotyping and discrimination of religious groups, “See Me Spokane” will examine the myths and dispel fear through art. “We hope that by making this soft, thoughtful statement that we will generate conversations and open hearts.”


Grant funding to “See Me Spokane” helped print up to 20 individual portraits as well as support studio time, production, and the installations of her work in accessible locations in Spokane. Hilary and Rick’s work brought the gallery to the people because they believe that using public spaces, like projecting the art work on building exteriors or hanging it at the library, is a great way to engage people who might not ordinarily visit museums and galleries. Having multiple ways to see the work, and have a broad selection of work, is important and sparks many critical conversations in Spokane.