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Grantee: Get Lit! Festival

Project Title: Get Lit! 20th Anniversary Anthology
Year awarded: 2017, Round 3

The Get Lit! Festival began in 1998 as a one-day marathon of literary readings sponsored by Eastern Washington University Press and EWU’s Department of Creative Writing. By 2004, the audience had increased to thousands of people from Spokane and the surrounding region. More recently, The Spokesman-Review referred to the festival as the literary equivalent to Spokane’s nationally recognized sporting events, Hoopfest and Bloomsday. Housed within Eastern Washington University’s College of Arts, Letters, and Education, the Get Lit! Festival continues to expand and reach more people in our community.


SAGA helped support the creation of Get Lit!’s 20th anniversary literary collection to be launched during the 2018 Get Lit! Festival. The collection includes work from some of the most famous and well-loved authors from Get Lit!

Get Lit!’s director, Kate Peterson, wrote in her grant application: “The anthology, while primarily being a gift to the community, will also bring more national exposure, which will in turn help Get Lit! Programs secure more sponsors for the festival and more nationally and internationally acclaimed writers. The bulk of any funds raised for Get Lit! Programs goes towards putting on the festival each year, but Get Lit! Programs would love to continue and expand, the educational outreach programs that we have been running for years (like Writers in Residence and Author’s Tour), therefore, more grants and sponsors for the festival would allow Get Lit!’s budget to expand and offer new and increased educational outreach opportunities throughout the year.”