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Grantee: Factory Town

Project Title: Things Change
Year awarded: 2019, Round 2

With SAGA support, Factory Town will be creating six kinetic sculptures which transform the familiar handheld “Jacob’s Ladder” toy into an over-sized interactive experience on impermanence.

Ellen Picken and Rajah Bose started Factory Town to combine their interests in visual art and storytelling. They see art as a common language and stories as currency and aim to bring people and organizations together through visual experiences.

One goal of ‘Things Change’ are to offer an interesting perspective on the state of affairs in our world today and remind people that change is inevitable and within our control. Another goal is to create a work that has rarely been experienced by our Spokane audience, at least in Spokane. We are offering an installation that the audience makes come alive, that they are not only allowed, but encouraged to touch.

This interactive work is scheduled for exhibition September 2-30, 2019 in the Terrain Gallery in the Washington Cracker Building (exhibit opening party: September 6, 2019), and will be a part of First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Spokane.