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Grantee: Counting Coup Media

Project Title: Red Road
Year awarded: 2018, Round 2

Tackling issues of Native identity and Hollywood distortion, Counting Coup’s Director, Cinematographer, and Spokane Tribal Member, Ryan Abrahamson, and Co-Producer, Michael Kane, are collaborating with Derrick LaMere (Rocky Boy) at War Pony Pictures to create a film that the creators hope will leave audiences with the feeling that, “It is OK to be Indian.” Turning away from Western depictions of Natives as either shaman or derelict, Red Road will follow a protagonist, who is “just a dude who happens to be a redman who wears a tie every day, and works with computers and likes to go out with his friends.” Once completed, the film will be offered to Tribes nationwide for local screenings. Additionally, Counting Coup Media will be holding a free screening and question and answer session at the Garland during Native American Heritage month for troubled native youth in Spokane.

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