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Grantee: Counting Coup Media

Project Title: Strongest at the End of the World
Year awarded: 2020, Round 1

Counting Coup Media will be producing a supernatural drama set in the city of Spokane a hundred years before white settlers and spoken entirely in the Salish language. The 10-min Strongest at the End of the World follows Pilasis and Kana, recent newlyweds in the old world out on their own for the very first time. On a normal day, tragedy strikes as supernatural forces change their lives forever…ultimately ending in an inevitable face-off between the two.

In addition to local screenings, and with SAGA support, Counting Coup Media will be using this film to further develop a pipeline to online content distributor, HULU as a means to establish work opportunities for film in Spokane and further raise awareness of Spokane as a creative center for film. Having already provided content for HULU and SHUDDER, Counting Coup is already connected and will be working to expand this pipeline’s potential for the ultimate good of the Spokane creative economy.