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Grantee: Brittany Decker & Remelisa Cullitan

Project Title: GlitterCouch
Year awarded: 2017, Round 1

GlitterCouch is a shining, almost magical, object that is taken into locations; such as hiking trails, urban alleyways, offices, and parking lots, in order to play up the juxtaposition of a glitzy piece of home furniture in rather unrealistic scenery. Local artists are invited to be interviewed by Brittany Decker and Remelisa Cullitan and speak frankly about their work and present themselves to a global audience in a casual intimate setting. The interviews are recorded and published for the world to see on a variety of social media outlets. “We feel that there is a need for a platform in which local artists have both visual and audible examples of their work made public.”- Brittany Decker.


Similar to many artists in Spokane, GlitterCouch is currently being funded one-hundred percent by out of pocket resources from the Co-Creators. With grant funding from SAGA, Brittany Decker and Remelisa Cullitan grew the outreach of GlitterCouch, and worked to improve the audio-visual quality of their work. These improvements not only grew the GlitterCouch audience, but also helped invite more and more interesting, diverse artists to the couch for interviews.

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