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Grantee: Bright Comet Theatre

Project Title: Lord of the Flies
Year awarded: 2022, Round 2

Bright Comet Theatre is focused on creating theatrical opportunities for young, queer, and underrepresented artists. Founded by Dominique Betis, Taylor Cummings, and Ilan Hernandez, Bright Comet Theatre hopes to establish a supportive, inclusive, and multifaceted theatrical art experience. Each production from Bright Comet Theatre will aim to spark discussion and encourage change.

With SAGA support, Bright Comet Theatre will stage their first production, Lord of the Flies. Featuring an entirely femme presenting cast, and involving a multitude of diverse and queer artists, Bright Comet’s version of Lord of the Flies will offer a radical modern take on the classic story of young people’s struggle for survival. Each performance will be followed by an audience talkback session, encouraging community discussion and reflection on identity, art, and community.

Dominique Betis writes: “We need communication for art to thrive, and Bright Comet Theatre vows to be a vessel for growth and fostering of the artists and those who support them.”