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Event: *time stands still*

Date: February 6, 2020
Time: 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Where: Richmond Art Collective, 228 W Sprague Ave

*time stands still* Laboratory resident artist Lucia Riffel at Richmond Art Collective

*time stands still* explores the space between scrolling, dreaming, and waking – the beautiful moment when your mind gets lost in its own world while your physical body still goes through the motions of scrolling, looking, clicking, etc. Comprised of light, sound, furniture, and video, the familiar environment of a bedroom invites one to traipse the psychological landscape becoming in tune with things more felt than seen. The digital mirrors the physical, the physical mirrors the digital, and the air hums thick with the sounds of silence. *time stands still* is a place to rest, distract, disconnect, and reconnect.

From the Artist, Lucia Riffel:
My work leads one to the place between their mind and their screen, between space and time, between thought and feeling, and into the everyday sublime. I create spaces in-screen and in-real-life that mix the surreal, cinematic, and commonplace through 3D animation and installation. Looping slowly yet infinitely, these spaces allow one to look through the mirror of the screen and enter a meditative headspace beyond as well as within. The post-internet culture of distraction leads our minds to occupy themselves in any way except internally – my work utilizes these same experiential stimuli to awaken interiority in a suspended metaphysical twilight zone

Ticket Cost: Free