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Event: Saucy Jack and The Space Vixens | Stage Left Theater and Lilac City Dinner Theater

Dates: August 18 - 27th 2023
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Charley's Event Center, 801 N Monroe St.

Step into a cosmic cabaret at Saucy Jack’s, where intrigue and murder play out beneath the glittering facade. As an enigmatic serial killer strikes down cabaret acts with sequined slingback hells, the staff trembles in fear. Saucy Jack himself seems unfazed, more concerned with business than the growing body count.

Meet a diverse cast of characters from downtrodden waitress Booby Shevalle to aspiring saxophonist Sammy Sax, the willing barman Mitch Maypole, and eccentric regular Dr. Willhelm von Whackoff. Amid the chaos, enter Chesty Prospects, a plastic smuggling outlaw, and the sensational Space Vixens. These fierce, disco-powered heroes fight crime and liberate the universe, gracing the bar with their presence.

This cosmic performance is a whirlwind of energy, humor, and campy charm. From singing and dancing to lurex and leather, each twist and turn captivates. Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens isn’t just a show – it’s a cosmic escapade that pulls you right into the heart of the action. So, when the Doctor beckons you to join in and embrace your inner Space Vixen, why resist?

Ticket Cost: $40