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Event: Laboratory Virtual Studio Tours

Dates: October 6 - 24th 2020
Tune into Laboratory’s series of virtual artist studio tours!
October 6 & 20, at 1 p.m. with Alexys Preston
Resident artist Alexys Preston will be sharing her process in the completion of her project titled, “Hypercello.” Preston will be outfitting a hybrid electric cello with attachments that will allow for interaction and manipulation of sound when performing. Projection mapping software is also a component to Preston’s project, allowing for attached sensors to control visuals projected onto the instrument.
October 7 & 21, at 10 a.m. with Tuang T
Resident artist Tuang T. will be sharing her process in the creation of an online website sound synthesizer which uses Tweets (Yes, from Twitter) to produce sounds that acknowledge environmental issues. Tuang’s project titled, “Symbiotic Musical Chords,” works in real time to examine and interpret the emotions of tweets that regard the environmental crisis, translating them into sounds based on western musical chords written by Christian Schubert.
October 8 & 22, 1 p.m. with Adrienne Cassel
Resident artist Arienne Cassel will be sharing her process for the creation of her project titled, “Aether Complex.” Cassel intends with her virtual avatar body, L I L I T H, to elicit questions such as those regarding control over virtual bodies.
October 9 & 23, at 1 p.m. with Chrissy Brimmage
Resident artist Chrissy Brimmage will be sharing her process in the creation of a virtual reality world where Black people may gather and collectively grieve. Safe black community healing is at the core of Brimmage’s project titled, “A place for us to grieve,” which responds to a year characterized by trauma, surveillance, and physical isolation.


Laboratory is an arts nonprofit in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to bringing accessible interactive art as a fine arts medium and to make the Inland Northwest a hub of the interactive arts world. Our artist residencies program feature artists from all over the world. What is interactive art? We want to support artistic experiences that go beyond either ‘something on a wall’ or ‘something on a stage’. We’re interested in art that creates experiences, where the viewer/user is an integral part in their own experience, where they can touch, manipulate, and, well, interact with the stuff they’re seeing. Learn more at

Ticket Cost: Free