Make no mistake: there are rich cultural offerings throughout Spokane. From the annual Gathering at the Falls Powwow to the South East Asia Cultural Association’s events featuring internationally-renowned musicians and dancers, to Fiesta Spokane (the Hispanic Heritage Festival), Unity in the Community, and so much more. These events and gatherings weave together music, food, dancing, art, storytelling, and more, creating celebrations of heritage while welcoming people of all cultural backgrounds.  

Julia Gillette

BigFoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti all names for our fury Hide and go seek Friuend that lives amoung us in the PNW, but for many true Believers of bigFoot it is an Experience> Not only is BigFoot Mysterious but is very cultural and Native Americans in Washington State , the Sasquatch is very serious and very much a part of their culture for they are considered “The Watchers ” and “The Protectors of the Forest”, I wish to eventually have a Museum and a Cultural Interpretive Center to educate and to protect the Species. Eventually as our technology increases we will have identified and added Sasquatch to our list of Native Species …In Fact The Army Core of Engineers has already done so …There was a book put out by the Army Core of Engineers in the early 1970’s where the book listed 4 pages of Genius/ Species and Habitat of Sasquatch in Washington State, and guess what ? ..The residents/ taxpayers of Washington actually paid for the distribution of the book ” The Genius and Species of Washington State. Regardless many Native Americans and true belivers feel that Sasquatch is very Magical and has many capabilities that us humans may have but don’t use like telepathy for example. My artwork will express the roles and function of Sasquatch and its importance in the Natural World and Food Chain. The Artwork will also express the importance of light, and beautiful sinquences of the Natural World and a world “Before” Humans transformed our every day environment of concrete, paved roads, and destruction of our environment. Nothing Negetive will be portrayed, Only Beautiful , Postive Portrayls and Reflections of what Sasquatch sees “Through Their Eyes” , Some written words, some poetry, mixed media, Murals, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oils ect

Event: Opens August 26
The Root Experience Festival

The Root Experience is a 2-night festival featuring BIPOC talent from various cultures and disciplines. The festival celebrates regional filmmakers, artists, culture bearers, musicians, and the stories they weave through their art. The goal is to uplift their narratives of culture, family, beauty, and resilience to create a network that empowers living stories and heals elements of the past and present. When talking about indigenous cultures, we must recognize the borders (state & continental) that have been placed by the act of colonization. In doing so, people of the same/ similar cultures have had their homelands divided and people they love placed on opposite sides of these borders. The Root Experience is hoping to help erase these borders by decolonizing art and social practice, providing safe and inclusive spaces to present, while connecting, partnering, and sparking conversation with our communities in the Pacific Northwest (defined as Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Alberta (CAN), and British Columbia (CAN)).

Event: May 13
Spokane Falls Community College Annual Pow Wow

Native tribes from across the region – and some as far away as Canada and Montana – will perform traditional and contemporary dances at Spokane Falls Community College’s annual Pow Wow. The event will be held on May 13 at SFCC’s Student Athletic Center, building 7, for two sessions. The first starts at 12:00 p.m. and the second at 6:00 p.m. Students from the college’s Red Nations Club expect a couple of hundred people to attend the ceremony, which will also include vendors and food

Event: June 10
Manito Park Art Festival

The Manito Park Art Festival is held on the second Saturday in June on the lawn just east of Duncan Garden off of Tekoa Street. Expect art, children’s activities, live music, children’s art activities, food, and more. This festival focuses on providing emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their works of art alongside more established artists. The Manito Park Art Festival is produced by The Friends of Manito with all proceeds supporting Manito Park conservation.

Spokane Sisters’ Art Group

The Spokane Sisters’ Art Group is a collective of 13 Muslim women formed in January 2022 around a shared interest for the arts, humanities, and social service. The collective represents refugees from Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan and immigrants from Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Russia. Some of these women have not had the opportunity to explore their artistic side for a myriad of reasons, including a lack of access to an art teacher, lack of childcare, financial limitations to obtaining art supplies, and lack of support. Moreover, some members of the group do not have an adequate opportunity to connect with the Spokane community at large and vice versa due to cultural and linguistic barriers. 

Event: Opens April 8
TRANSMUTATION | All Print Show | Terrain Gallery

Join us for our April Gallery Show, featuring a selection of printmaking work from national graphic and book artists responding to the concept of “Transmutation.” Curated by Carl Richardson and Reinaldo Gil Zambrano, this show is part of Spokane Print Fest which seeks to educate and inspire the local community on the traditional and contemporary practices of printmaking through curated gallery shows, artist demos and print workshops.