Asphalt Art Artist Roster

Last Updated: August 3, 2023

Carly Ellis

Experience: I am an extremely creative and hard-working individual. Recently I have been accepted into the BFA program at EWU where I will finish my senior year. I have had the opportunity to take the lead on over 5 mural projects. I enjoy taking on a large project as well as working with a team. I love art and the creative artists in the field. I enjoy establishing my own skills and styles as well as helping others find and express theirs.



Chris Bovey

Experience: I have painted 37 murals.



Danielle Davis

Experience: I have completed several murals, including one sidewalk mural, and I’m starting a basketball court mural in August that will hopefully boost my experience level with ground murals even more. For this project, I will be the lead designer and even though painting hasn’t begun yet, I have handled the design concept, coordinating with contractors, supply purchases, assistants, and ongoing logistics of the project.

I also think my specific art style lends itself well to asphalt art, with bold colors and shapes that add a playful element to the environment and engage the viewer, even at a “below-eye-level” angle. I try to be very thoughtful about my designs and would have a blast coming up with a site-specific concept if I had the opportunity. I love the idea of being part of a movement to make Spokane a more beautiful and welcoming place!



Mallory Battista

Experience: I have painted over a dozen murals of my own design in the Spokane area since 2019, the majority solo and outdoors, and have assisted or collaborated on a handful more. I love working with neighborhoods and local business districts to add art to our community. As far as asphalt murals, I designed and installed a temporary asphalt mural in Airway Heights in 2021 as part of a traffic calming and community outreach project, as well as volunteered to paint with Tiffany Patterson on her basketball court mural for a few hours in 2020. I was also a contracted mural repair artist for Spokane Arts in 2021 and touched up various murals around the city. I have experience working with neighborhood councils and am wrapping up a large collaborative public sculpture installation with Lisa Soranaka at the border of Emerson-Garfield and North Hill. I coordinated with and received support from both neighborhoods, both the Garland and North Monroe Business Districts, and the Spokane Arts Commission, and coordinated with multiple city departments on the installation plans. I also worked with the North Monroe Business District for my “Blossom” mural in 2020. I am drawn to creating site responsive art in part because I love the process of including details and symbols that are meaningful to the space and its audience, building layers of meaning through imagery and wordplay, and working in features that are both locally relevant and universally felt. My art tends to be colorful, uplifting, and a bit whimsical.



Matt Smith

Experience: I’ve painted many large mural projects, including the Steven’s Street Underpass fish mural, the Garageland entry way, the fish at Berserk, the staircase at Remedy, the LC gymnasium and Versalia Pizza in Kendall Yards. I have been painting large-scale mural work for close to a decade now.



Scott & Monica Hampton

Experience: Scott and Monica Hampton are Spokane artists who paint fine art and murals.  With inspired color palettes and distinctive textures, they interpret the natural environment of the PNW through abstract expressionism. Working out of their South Hill studio, “Hampton Visual”, the two enjoy creating paintings in a range of styles and sizes. 



Susan Webber

Experience: I have 20+ years doing murals, including helping with the pride asphalt mural recently. I am easy to get a long with and have fun with doing art projects.



Yelena Yunin

Experience: I have a great experience with Murals. Normally when I do art projects there is a lot of collaboration with the clients to develop a piece that they specifically want. For example, I recently completed a large wall mural for Spokane Club. The mural spans 40 ft long, and is approximately 18 feet tall and its raised on the wall overlooking the gym.  I worked with several individuals to complete the final design of this project. There were adjustments and changes made along the way to make sure that all parties involved were completely satisfied before the project was started.

I start my collaboration by asking all interested parties what kind of piece they are looking for and ask for their ideas. I then take about a week to put together different conceptual designs and then send them to the clients. I then get feedback on what to change and what needs to be improved. I make the changes as requested and send the design back for additional revision. Most clients it takes a few back and forth emails before they are 100% satisfied with the piece that they had in mind.  I can create artwork with Pen and Ink, and then use programs to digitize the design to ease the discussion as these can be emailed.



Amber Hoit

Experience: I’ve been a creator for roughly 15 years. 
A meager beginning by painting for a music venue, I did it for fun with a chance to practice. Then realized it was a passion of mine and people wanted me to paint for them. 
I started out with charcoal drawings, acrylics, then oils. Years later I updated to more mediums to get bigger jobs; I fell in love with the versatility of spray cans mixed with acrylic paints. 



Vibe Mural

Reinaldo Gil Zambrano

Experience: Reinaldo Gil Zambrano is an award-winning printmaking artist based in Spokane, WA from Caracas, Venezuela. From an early age, RGZ began collecting unique stories from random social encounters that highlight the common aspects of the human identity that later enriched the visual narratives of his drawings, relief prints, installations, and murals.