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Artist: William BerryHe/Him/His

Aritistic Discipline: Music
Location: Spokane, WA

As a fifth grade student, I auditioned for my school choir and the music teacher said I had a good ear. Ever since, I have been trying to figure out which one she meant. I don’t consider myself a trumpet player so much as a musician and creative artist who happens to play the trumpet. I have spent my life performing and creating; teaching instruments, singing, theory, composition, song-writing, and history; planning events and programming concerts; recording and mixing sound & video files and producing CDs.

I love performing because it’s the toughest mental discipline I know. As for composing, I have written almost everything Clarion Brass has performed over the past three decades [check a few tunes out at] and composed the music for Moby Dick – A Musical which the crew presented in a run at the Chicago Musical Theatre Festival in February 2020. And maybe just a few other things over the years.

I am an avid cyclist, bake all of my own bread, and have read The New Yorker cover to cover for a couple of decades. In addition to the usual resume items, I have put together and maintained a commercial website, plus done a little bit of visual artwork and video editing. I have been digging into the 780s at the library forever, and am on board of directors for KYRS Community Radio, an alternative, progressive radio station in Spokane.

Do you perform in a group that needs a new twist added to a favorite song? Want something which works better for your instruments or suits your style? Have an idea for a melody or words in need of some finishing touches? ​Or maybe you want to perform new music ​that nobody has ever heard?​

I can help you find a new path with your music. Let’s explore new musical territory & take a road less traveled to new places.