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Artist: Theresa Summit Arts

Artistic Discipline: Visual
Location: Spokane, WA

Theresa Summit is an acrylic, contemporary on canvas artist who strongly believes in spreading joy and positivity through her paintings. Her mission statement,”Spreading joy one painting at a time,”reflects her commitment to her craft and her desire to uplift others with her work. Theresa would love her paintings to be hung on as many walls possible so that her paintings can bring joy and inspiration to people everywhere. Her passion for art and her dedication to spreading joy are what makes her paintings truly special, and her mission statement is a testament to the impact that art can make on our lives.

Theresa loves to experiment with different techniques and colors, her artwork often features bright colors, bold abstract designs. She is inspired by childhood memories of exploring the natural world. Her creative process begins with looking at older photos of nature while reminiscing about her younger years. Through her artwork, she hopes to evoke joy and bring the natural world into her clients homes.
“Spreading joy one painting at a time.”

Theresa Summit
Theresa Summit Arts
Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Pintrest. Purchase paintings on my website,, or on Etsy: theresasummitarts
More of my work is on Etsy. For questions text Theresa at 1-509-230-4013