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Artist: Rory BabinHe/Him/His

Artistic Discipline: Film, Music
Location: Spokane, WA

Hi, I am Spokane Videographer and Photographer. Using both a BMPCC 6k and 4k I’m capable of shooting a recording very high-quality video including music videos, ads or weddings. I’ve learned my trade through shooting bands these past several years, creating their content and directing, shooting and editing their music videos. Furthermore, access to my 6k video camera means that I can also take photos. Seeing that video is so high quality every frame is a photo I’d love to take your photos as well. There is no fear of missing the moment either as I’ll pretty much be recording the whole time. While this means lots of time meticulously sorting through photos for me, it means the best possible shots for you. If that’s not enough, I’m extremely picky about style and vibe when coming to your photos and videos. I will do my upmost to ensure that you are beyond happy with every image or frame you receive.