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Artist: Julia GilletteShe/Her/Hers

Aritistic Discipline: Cultural, Fashion, Visual
Location: Spokane Valley, WA

BigFoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti all names for our fury Hide and go seek Friuend that lives amoung us in the PNW, but for many true Believers of bigFoot it is an Experience> Not only is BigFoot Mysterious but is very cultural and Native Americans in Washington State , the Sasquatch is very serious and very much a part of their culture for they are considered “The Watchers ” and “The Protectors of the Forest”, I wish to eventually have a Museum and a Cultural Interpretive Center to educate and to protect the Species. Eventually as our technology increases we will have identified and added Sasquatch to our list of Native Species …In Fact The Army Core of Engineers has already done so …There was a book put out by the Army Core of Engineers in the early 1970’s where the book listed 4 pages of Genius/ Species and Habitat of Sasquatch in Washington State, and guess what ? ..The residents/ taxpayers of Washington actually paid for the distribution of the book ” The Genius and Species of Washington State. Regardless many Native Americans and true belivers feel that Sasquatch is very Magical and has many capabilities that us humans may have but don’t use like telepathy for example. My artwork will express the roles and function of Sasquatch and its importance in the Natural World and Food Chain. The Artwork will also express the importance of light, and beautiful sinquences of the Natural World and a world “Before” Humans transformed our every day environment of concrete, paved roads, and destruction of our environment. Nothing Negetive will be portrayed, Only Beautiful , Postive Portrayls and Reflections of what Sasquatch sees “Through Their Eyes” , Some written words, some poetry, mixed media, Murals, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oils ect