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Artist: Jordan SeiersenShe/Her/Hers

Aritistic Discipline: Visual
Location: Spokane, WA

I’m a Graphic Designer and Artist living and working in Spokane, Washington. My designs often center around innovative typography, clean web design, and engaging print layouts that blend personality and strategy. I love creating custom web & print assets and designing innovating branding packages that help drive business, boost brand recognition, and inform the audience.

From art to design to music, my life is filled with creative endeavors. My love for design and visual art has led me to pursue a career in Graphic Design. A Graphic Designer is “a visual problem solver.” Design is not all about talent or artistic skill. It also involves a lot of time poured into solving a problem in the most effective and efficient way. Knowing the rules of design and how to use them (color, type, hierarchy, layout, etc.), a designer must come up with a way to not only to solve the problem, but to create something unique and beautiful.