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Artist: JM AdamshaspertHe/Him/His

Aritistic Discipline: Visual, Words
Jonathan Adamshaspert is a Spokane based photographer and award winning Pacific Northwest Platinum & Palladium Printmaker. He is the Printmaker in Residence at Ohr Sofer Studio, LLC and an Instructor/Curriculum Advisor of Photographic Practice at Light Benders Institute of Photography. Classically trained in professional photography- he has dedicated his career solely to the making and preservation of platinum and palladium photographic prints in order to ensure the continuation of the traditional printmaking into the 21st Century. His primary area of concentration deals with the printing of large-scale history based community works projects.

He is the recipient of the prestigious 2017 GAP Grant for Artists From Artist Trust for his Platinum & Palladium photographic series and body of work: Sandbox Silence: Memories of Sand in Platinum.

Ohr Sofer Studio, LLC is a Veteran Owned Printing Studio dedicated to serving the community at large through Large Scale Public works projects and collaborations with other printmakers and photographers utilizing the craft of the Platinum and Palladium photographic print.