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Artist: Hank J ChiappettaHe/Him/His

Artistic Discipline: Visual, Words
Location: Spokane, WA

A traditional hardwood carver, with a mallet and chisel Hank Chiappetta carves in the round hardwood sculptures, large and small scale. He also paints in a modern style contemporary in watercolor.

Hank Chiappetta came to Spokane in the late 1960s, and began carving in hardwood as therapy after a serious car accident in the 1990s. Hank’s mind never stops. He’s always either carving, painting or writing poetry. He carves surrealist scenes into salvaged hardwood, creating beautiful masterpieces, 3D sculptures, and mantles and walking staffs that are actually fine art. All of his work is done by hand with a mallet and chisel, and straight from his eyes to his hands. Hank is currently fighting cancer and has taken to painting water colors on paper. He uses a lot of vibrant color in his surrealist “Dancing Buildings” series.