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Artist: Grace June

Artistic Discipline: Visual, Words
Location: Spokane, WA

Where do I begin? For starters, I see my artwork like it’s my child. As we know, children take on a life and personality of their own and the parent figure… does its best! Often, I’m somewhere in between possessed by or obsessed with an idea, a story, an image, or something I haven’t tried before. While a lot of my focus is commercial photography for organizations or branding, I graduated with a photography degree with the sole intent of making and showing art full time. While quite a bit of that happened in and out of Spokane over the years, for the last three years my primary creative resources have been utilized for images that promote our beautiful, amazing, enriching local businesses and other organizations.

A rewarding aspect of my occupation as an artist is constantly learning new things. So when a potential client asks if there’s a kind of photography I do, the answer is always: “probably!” I’ve learned to do so much in the last few years. Head shots, events, photo documentary, BTS, studio work for brands, space-specific series and installation, social media marketing, website photography, photographing art, product photography, and the list goes on.

A massive portion of my passion is in art processes that aren’t as popular in the mainstream use of photography. I am proud of three projects on my website. We Hear You, Survive, and my Self-Portraits. It’s humbling to consider the response those projects have inspired. One of the most exquisite feelings in the world is seeing other people bond and feel heard or unified because of something I worked hard to create and love dearly. The self-portraits are really what got everything started that I do today, and it’s a continuing series going back seven years and counting.

Whether it’s an art project, a head shot, or something in between, other people trusting me to photograph them and what is most important to them is something I consider sacred. I hope that comes through in my work.

To check out my portfolio of commercial work and art projects, visit My other platform with some art for purchase is: If you want more current happenings, my instagram is a good spot to connect, @gracemjune. You can support and follow my official business page on Facebook, Grace June Imagery.