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Artist: GlitterCouchThey/Them/Their

Artistic Discipline: New Media
Location: Spokane, WA

GlitterCouch is the collaborative project between Brittany Decker and Remelisa Cullitan. The idea was at first to make this shining, almost magical, object that the two could take into locations; such as hiking trails, urban alleyways, or parking lots, in order to play up the juxtaposition of a glitzy piece of home furniture in rather unrealistic sceneries. Which is still in the plan.

However, Decker and Cullitan wanted to take the project further. It could be more than just an object to photograph. With how mobile the seat was, it could also become a recognizable object no matter the destination, for interview purposes. They want GlitterCouch to help facilitate interviews with local artists in order to provide more exposure within the Spokane arts community and even beyond. They hope to be able to take the couch either to the artist’s studio, gallery, or some other location to highlight, and interview the artist about their work and process. This is still the early stages and while Decker and Cullitan both have a list of familiar faces to interview and get warmed up to the process, GlitterCouch is open to add more names to the list. If you wish to add your name, please contact us through our contact page or through any of our social media outlets. GlitterCouch asks for your name, at least five images of your work (or link to website to see images), a brief introduction, and contact information. GlitterCouch is ready to highlight our creative community here in Spokane, WA!