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Artist: Emily FranklinShe/Her/Hers

Aritistic Discipline: Visual
Location: Spokane, WA

Functional or decorative ceramics, pottery, sculpture. I love all things clay! My name is Emily Franklin, born and raised in Spokane. Clay is my happy place. I spend hours upon hours giggling with joy as the pieces I make bleed out of my jumbled and chaotic mind.

I’m currently focused on making mugs and cups and will soon have an online platform to sell my pieces! I am open to requests! I post the majority of my process on, feel free to reach out to me there too!

Functional pottery extends an invitation to touch and to engage. A mug is multi-layered, not only may it contain a favorite warm drink, mugs can also have a very impersonal function. I know I have a few that are wonderful pencil holders!

My mugs are hand-built or thrown ceramic designed with thought. The handles are comfortable to hold, the shape is pleasing and cohesive, the glaze colors are captivating, and they bear the mark of identity.

I am Deaf. My culture is Deaf. This part of me was a constant struggle growing up. I was encouraged and invited to embrace my identity alongside many other Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who have a shared life experience of identity struggle. We overcome by embracing what makes us unique.

These mugs are one way I invite you to embrace the Deaf culture, whether as your own identity if you are Deaf, or as an ally respecting what makes us different.

Each piece has its own characteristic while belonging to a whole. Every mug bears a symbol portrayed in a million different ways but always mean the same thing. This symbol is the American Sign Language handshape, “I love you.” Some are carved, some are stamped, some are built into the structure, some painted on, but all bear the same meaning. Behind this handshape is a shared identity, a shared experience, and an invitation.

Would you like a cup?