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Artist: Davy Jones NguyenThey/Them/Their

Artistic Discipline: Cultural, Stage, Words
Location: Spokane, WA

Davy Jones started writing at a probably too young age under the mentorship of well-regarded and established community of writers in Denver, CO. They learned the concept of “other” at the intersection of race, gender and class. That is why Davy writes plenty of love poems and dog poems. Obviously.

While their style of performance can range from conversational, seemingly improvisational/irreverent or pointed and loud, Davy only performs their work in the way it feels proper to do so. Their work focuses on being born into an immigrant family in America, trans/queer identity, love and dogs. Lots of dogs. Davy may possibly write about your dog one day.

Based mostly out of Spokane, WA now, Davy travels and presents both poetry and philosophical work across the country, as well as teaching workshops and community organizing/volunteering. They hope that they can show the crucial connection between poetry, as that which creates, and philosophy, as that which is to be created. Davy organizes for local organizations across the country, focusing on disenfranchised, minority youth. They were appointed to a YouthWorks commission by the Mayor of Denver in 2011 focused on art programs in Denver Public Schoold and received the Jason Torres Leadership Award in 2012 for their work in schools in Denver.

Davy is also featured in publications such as What Are Birds?, Thorntree Press’s Whore’s Manifesto (forthcoming), Lilac City Fairy Tales, Uncensored: Spokane Poetry Slam Collected, International Journal of the Platonic Tradition and others. Davy also organized with and for PSi’s National Poetry Slam and Individual World Poetry Slams across the country.

Davy Jones has released two chapbooks titled “I Write About More than Chinchillas” (2014) and “Dogs Only Bark About Unnamed Things” (2019).

“Theurgy Rendered Digital and Actual: Iamblichus, C.S. Peirce and Object Oriented Ontology,” Gonzaga Jesuit Religion and Technology Summer Conference, Gonzaga University 2017
“Aesthetics Unto Violence: Benjamin, Lacan and Film,” EWU Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, 2018
“Moving with Trauma, Tension and Difference: On the Universality of Transgender Identity,” TRANSforming Gender Conference, University of Colorado Boulder, March 2018
“On the Notion of Transgender Identity as Always Potent,” Intermountain Gender and Sexuality Conference, Idaho State University, April 2018

Death Rattle Writers Festival, Boise/Nampa, ID, 2016
Cafe Cultura, Denver, CO, April 2017
Gonzaga Poetry Slam, May 2017
Spokane Falls Community College Poetry Showcase, October 2017
Whitworth University Poetry Showcase, February 2018
Gender Unbound Art Fest, Austin, TX, September 2018
OUTsider Fest, Austin, TX, February 2019

Meet Davy Jones