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Artist: Connor BaconHe/Him/His

Artistic Discipline: Film, Visual
Location: Spokane, WA

I have always been a storyteller. Flashback to 6th grade, I’m equipped with a camcorder I received for Christmas recording home videos of my family and friends. Throughout the years that followed I was constantly documenting the lives of those closest to me, without any conscious awareness that I was doing so. I truly see every moment as a possible story, and live my life to gather as many stories as possible. In recent years, I took a more direct approach and have managed to make a business out of it.

My name is Connor Bacon. I am a professional photographer specializing in Photography and Commercial Filmmaking. My aim is to capture natural but refined moments in a nostalgic and emotional way.

Photography is art. In every frame I blend artistic elements and principles together. By leaning heavily on analog methods I bring my art out in the journey of creating my images.