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Artist: Blake Liliane HellmanShe/Her/Hers

Artistic Discipline: Visual
Location: Spokane, WA

I create, I destroy and create again. With consideration for texture, composition and value, I layer acrylic paint and mixed media on paper and then deconstruct the paper and put it back together with collage techniques. In the final stage, l add other pieces of collage material, re-paint and incorporate other media, like chalk, graphite and ink, to perfect the composition.

I want the viewer to be entertained and fascinated. I want them to wonder how I did it. I want their eyes to be delighted and calmed, curious and inspired. I want the viewer feel I did my best to carefully and consideratly craft the piece.

I have studied abstract art with Nicholas Wilton, Jenny Nelson and Julia Ricketts, since 2014. I’m currently working on a series of abstract acrylics on canvas and board.

Feel free to reach out for shows and sales opportunites.

Blake's Art