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Artist: Adam BlalockHe/Him/His

Artistic Discipline: Visual
Location: Spokane, WA

My reasons for painting evolve as life happens and time marches on. I am however, continually fascinated with nature and wild outdoor places where I can hear the wind caress the tree tops, smell the earth-like aromas our planet has to offer, and of course witness the play of light on forms and colors.

I believe most of humanity right now is in desperate need of nature and protected wild spaces, easier access to it, and the healing benefits it can provide. I know that for me personally, I am less tense, less worried, more compassionate, and more creative when in the presence of protected wild places.

Through my art work, I wish to convey how I feel about what I see so that you also, can experience the sensations radiating out of our precious and fragile planet, even if you live deep in a city, ten thousand miles away.