Art in Transit Project

The City Line is a bus-rapid transit route with electric buses that will run east-west from Browne’s Addition to Spokane Community College, beginning in 2023 and operated by the Spokane Transit Authority (STA). 30+ new bus stations are under construction now, featuring designs by local artists! Spokane Arts is proud to partner with STA to integrate colorful, vibrant artwork to make the City Line uniquely Spokane.

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Event: Opens January 6
The Chase Gallery Presents: Intertwined
The Chase Gallery presents “Intertwined,” a group show featuring the artworks of Stefani Rossi, Michael Dinning, Megan Varecha, Kimber Follevaag and Meagan Mack, opening Friday, January 6, 2023. “Intertwined” explores the ways in which complex narratives and experiences tie us to one another and the natural world. Through each artist's mediums, explorations and curiosities, this show will invite the viewer to consider their own place and how they are “Intertwined” within the world around them.
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Monument removal recommended by Citizens' Advisory Council
Spokane Arts stands with the Pacific Islander community in asking the city to remove this statue. Removing it would be one step toward correcting inaccurate history and toward healing the communities harmed. This monument was donated to the city of Spokane in 1906, commissioned by a wealthy family. The pediment of the statue perpetuates racist stereotypes in both text and imagery, and is a source of ongoing harm not only to Samoans and the broader Pacific Islander community, but to all Indigenous peoples who have been denigrated with the same racist stereotypes found on the monument. The statue should be removed.